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In Honor of International Women’s Day 2022: The Wonderful Women at iPF Softwares

In Honor of International Women’s Day 2022: The Wonderful Women at iPF Softwares

By Nelson  |  Apr 02, 2022
“ She has changed my perspective on working with women. Now I have a new perspective, a very good one. “

For the past 7 years ( since 2015 ), focusing on designing and developing impactful digital solutions for businesses in Africa, we've never had as many women on our team as of this year, Not by choice : )

Statistics show that women make up only 28% of the workforce in science, technology, engineering, and math, and men vastly outnumber women majoring in most STEM fields in college. 

The gender gaps are particularly high in some of the fastest-growing and highest-paid jobs of the future, like computer science and engineering.


Last year our team grew, 4 more talented young ladies joined our team. In the quest of having more women in the technology industry, we’re on our way to balancing the scales. 

Our current status is at 25% female-to-male ratio. 

In honor of celebrating International Women’s Day, we interviewed our male team leads and engineers to share their experience working with wonderful women at iPF Softwares, read on or watch the videos, and be amazed by their work and the impact they have brought to our team.

Note: The video recordings and the blogged testimonial may differ, as we had given another opportunity for our leads to writing their testimonial for this blog, as most of them shied out during the recording :)

Jackson’s experience working with Beatha 

“ I have not been lucky enough to study a girls / young women through primary to advance level, so my interaction with women was limited in work or school-related matters - the only time I had enough interaction was in the university; Where in a class of 45 computer engineer students we had only 4 ladies in our class - so allow me to say, I have had no pleasure working with women before. 

My perspective working with women was always like, they will slow me down. 

Working with young ladies at iPF Softwares in particular Beatha B. for the past two years has changed my wrong beliefs on having women in my team. 

Beatha is a proactive and self-motivated customer experience and sales expert for our in-house products and she has been consistently amazed me with her work throughput most importantly she has been putting me in check whenever I block her delivering her work - really a pleasure working with her. “ 

Pius’s Experience Working with Dada Emmy 

Our Quality Assurance lead had the following to share on his experience working with sister ( dada ) Emmy, 

“ She is an amazing woman, most of us take her for a big sister, she has been advising us on life matters now and then, She is likable by everyone, does her work with passion and love, one of those people who come early and leave late at the office. It’s a great pleasure working with her.“ 

Grayson’s Experience working with Deborah 

“ I am truly impressed by her growth. 

Her early days at iPF Softwares were shy and she couldn't even defend what she had done on her first assignment; 

Try her now : ), she will jump on the table to defend her ideas, I don’t even get a chance to review her work anymore, that’s how confident she is, super creative and proactive young lady, Happy women’s day to her and all creative women around the world “ 

Walter’s experience working with Joan 

Sadly she missed the celebrations at the office, but this wonderful message from her team lead - definitely made her smile.

“ Joan is an amazing young lady to work with. She’s got great energy and is always excited about getting stuff done. 

Above getting her work done, she’s also very passionate about transferring knowledge which fits in well with our mission of being an inspirational figure in the digital space. 

On top of all that she’s also a nerd. Now while this is not a requirement to be part of our team, it makes her more likable :) ”

Wiston's experience working with Elizabeth 

The two are inseparable, Wiston joined Elizabeth last year they have formed a great team around them to make sure our operations, human resource, and finance run smoothly.

Wiston had the following to say about his experience working with Elizabeth. 

“ She plays a very important role in our team, she is very accountable and reliable, she knows what she is doing, takes an extra mile to make sure she has covered all her tasks, and is always willing to offer a helping hand. 

She plays a big part in our growth both for the company and everyone around us. As a friend she is fun, she talks to everyone - she dreams big and very ambitious lady - with her attitude, she can achieve a lot ” 

Nelson’s experience working with Rosemary

“ She is one of the most hard-working young ladies, she demands a lot from herself but also she expects everyone in a team to work hard which is a very good sign that she is a true team-first person.

As a part of a leadership team, some of the qualities you want from a team are honesty, integrity, and continuous development in their skillset and Rosemary is an embodiment of that.

In just a few months of working together, I noticed tremendous improvement in her skillset, how proud she is of developing her skills, and how proactive she is. 

I don’t know where she gets that drive but I can say that it is not from an external influence but rather very inherent.

The simplest way I can put it is that Rosemary is a dream to work with. “ 

Leaving iPF Softwares values to the fullest 

We build and grow our team based on our company values, and if there is a team or a group of individuals who leave by these values to the fullest are the women at iPF Softwares.

And this is how they fare against some of our company values

Honest and Integrity

You do not hear anyone among them talk about others behind their back. 

They are the definition of trust, we agree on what we need to work on and they go out and give their best, and when things don’t go well they do not offer excuses, they accept the challenge, learn and grow.

Exudes wow factor

In everything they do, the results will be amazing from engineering, customer support, project management, marketing to creativity - they are not boxed, they have no limit to what they can accomplish - they demonstrate excellent work all the time. 


Wearing smiles on their faces, energy in their actions, and love that comes naturally to every one of them, you really cannot question their professionalism.

For me, beauty comes when a personality shines through in a most unforced way, I am on behalf of everyone who wishes well for iPF Softwares pretty sure that these wishes for a beautiful day come with a very open heart. 

We’re excited about what we can accomplish together as a team, as we focus on building the largest software development house in Africa. 

Learn more about our culture and how we work here.


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