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Developing Custom Software Solutions

We develop world-class custom software solutions which are user-oriented and can scale up or down according to our partners business’ needs.

#1 Product Discovery, Ideation & Design

From your initial concept to your final product, we will guide you through the process of building a quality application aligned with your business objectives. Over the years we have perfected the iterative process of reducing uncertainty around a problem or idea to make sure that the right product gets built for the right audience.

Startups like Mipango App came to iPF Softwares for ideation,user experience design and validation of their ideas through product prototyping before embarking on the journey to build an MVP or a full scale product.
How we deliver
Joint Application Design Validation Through Protyping Human Centered Design User Experience Design Feasibility Testing Technology Evaluation

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iPF Softwares iPF Softwares iPF Softwares iPF Softwares

#2 Custom Software Development

We adhere to the highest design and development principles to ensure that every software product we develop it's of highest quality and delivers the values to its intended users, our focus is to deliver expertly tailored solution around your business goals through website applications, mobile applications, desktop applications.

Giants like Azam Media , chose iPF Softwares to develop their customised internal systems and tools to enhance organisation performance and productivity.
How we deliver
Website Applications Mobile Applications Desktop Applications USSD Applications Payment Gateway Intergration Website Design & Development Progressive Web Applications

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iPF Softwares iPF Softwares iPF Softwares
iPF Softwares iPF Softwares
iPF Softwares iPF Softwares iPF Softwares iPF Softwares
iPF Softwares iPF Softwares iPF Softwares

#3 Product Scaling & Future Proofing

Product launch is just the beginning, we help our partners scale their products to make sure they get their money's worth. Digital solutions developed at iPF Softwares are built to scale up and down per your business needs. By relying on data analysis, we drive decisions towards maximizing product conversion, retention and usability. Todate iPF Softwares has helped partners to successfully launch their products in over 10 countries in Africa.

Non Profit Organisations like Care International has partner with iPF Softwares for product development and scalling, together we have launched an offline mobile application in CĂ´te d'Ivoire, Tanzania, Rwanda and Uganda.
How we deliver
Machine Learning Artificial Intelligence Data Science Natural Language Processing Cross Border Payment Intergrations

Tools, technologies and more

iPF Softwares iPF Softwares iPF Softwares iPF Softwares

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/ How we deliver

At IPF Softwares, we use agile software development methodology for large scale digital solutions time to time we will use the waterfall approach. An agile scrum project runs in sprints, each sprint has a defined set of goals and a preset timeline, each sprint should result in working increment that can be rolled out to end users.

This is always a good news to our partner as they do not have to wait for 3 months to see the project progress and to test their product with end users.

Scrum Agile Framework For Proper Project Execution

Scrum is a framework within which people can address complex adaptive problems, while productively and creatively delivering products of the highest possible value. We believe in scrum as it is lightweight, simple to understand and difficult to master. We have been using scrum frame for past three years and it has proven to be the best framework for developing large scale digital solutions.

In order to give our clients a true freedom of adaptation to new market demands, we are only planning the work to be done for two weeks and then take a pause, reflect and plan for another two weeks. This way all necessary changes and new ideas are being incorporated with consistency and in a controlled manner. The scrum framework we are using to engineer products demands so, and it just is a sensible approach to keep up with today's fast changing market.

—  Nelson Malekela, Strategy Lead @iPF Softwres

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