Tanzania Innovation Ecosystem Map

Mapping the Tanzania Innovation Ecosystem With HDIF

An open source and crowdsourced platform for mapping the Tanzania innovation ecosystem to improve collaboration among stakeholders.

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Tanzania Innovation Ecosystem Map
Chomoka Application
Chomoka Application

Supporting women and informal savings groups with CARE International

Chomoka is a mobile application connecting savings groups with opportunity.

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Niajiri Logo

Revolutionising talent management in Africa, an incredible partnership with Niajiri Limited

An interesting journey building the platform from an idea stage to scalling product across Africa.

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Niajiri Platform

/ About Us

We design, develop and innovative impactful digital solutions for businesses and initiatives that link people with socio-economic opportunities in Africa.

We take the extra step to understand our partner’s vision and dreams; we challenge them and work together to bring their vision to life. Our dedicated project teams execute projects using agile methodology and are fully responsible for the final product and quality at every sprint.

Our delivery process allows you to flexibly manage your priorities as the project goes on in a way that gives you maximum return on investment.

/ Our Services

#1 Product Discovery, Ideation & Design

From your initial concept to your final product, we will guide you through the process of building a quality application aligned with your business objectives.

#2 Custom Software Development

We adhere to the highest design and development principles to ensure that every software product we develop it is of high quality and delivers the values to its intended users

#3 Product Scaling & Future Proofing

We develop scallable digital solutions fit scale up and down per your business needs. We have helped businesses and startups scalling their products in over 10 countries in Africa to date.

We can help you bring your product to life and make the impact intended - whether it's a Minimum Viable Product,Product Ideation & Design, or help to scale your digital solution.

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